Things Your Dog Needs at a New House

You’ve gone through quite a few changes recently - and so has your dog. Your furry friend has moved to a new house (possibly for the first time), and you don’t know how he’s going to act, what with all the strange new people, places, and things around him. Many things might upset or confuse your dog right now, but having the right items with you will help you both adapt to these changes.

The following list is five items every pet owner should have ready when they move into a new home.

things to do in athens, alabama

The town of Athens, Alabama, has long been known for its history and natural beauty. With the Tennessee River running through it, this small town packs a lot of adventure into one unique and vibrant place.

Whether you live in Athens and have yet to explore the city more in-depth or are planning a visit, here are five must-do ways to spend time in Athens, Alabama:

The words decor and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly. Add in the word exterior, and you've got a winning combination that's sure to spice up your home in a sophisticated way.

The fall is the perfect time to bring some life to your home and make it a place for people to enjoy. Enchant your home this fall with these three autumn décor ideas.

Pot faucets are considered a luxury in many homes, but these fixtures offer certain practical benefits related to convenience and safety that make pot fillers worth considering for anyone. With their arched or swing-out jointed arms, installing a pot filler faucet over your stove can save you time, space, and hassle. Here are five benefits of pot faucets you should know about.


These tips for exercising in hot weather can help you appreciate the heat of summer rather than loathe it.

You don’t have to be an outdoor fitness enthusiast to appreciate when summer rolls around. Between its extended hours of daylight and warmer weather, the summer season is an ideal time to get in some sweat sessions outside. It’s amazing how good you’ll feel afterwards.


The best things to grow in a garden produce a lot of food and aren’t too hard to cultivate, even in late summer and fall.  

Not everyone has a green thumb, but even those with a knack for growing plants need some guidance on what they can plant when. As we approach the final months of summer and the fall and winter months to follow, you might be wondering, what in the world can I plant this time of year?

Alabama is home to untold cities and towns marked by layers of history, phenomenal food, higher education, and thousands of acres worth of state parks that range from the Appalachian Mountains to Gulf Coast beaches.

Coming to a unique state like Alabama and finding something you enjoy doing is a walk in the park. But, narrowing down its cities to determine the best of them? Not so much. That’s why we selected the cities that have something to keep everyone in the family happy, and if you didn’t think that was possible, Alabama makes it so.

Obviously we think Athens is the greatest city in Alabama. But if you’re looking for a getaway that doesn’t require a plane ride, or even just want to load up the family and take a road trip, we think you’ll enjoy these other places around the state.

Some summer days can be brutal, no matter where you live. So, you turn to your home to be a haven from the heat; only, the room you spend the most time in faces the sun, and as it rises, so too does your body temperature and power bill. 

Although sunlight has many benefits, such as bringing more natural brightness to a room and vitamin D to your skin, there are ways to make your living space much cooler and more comfortable. So, if you want to know how to keep a room cool that faces the sun, thankfully, there are a few practical ways that do not all include running your HVAC system constantly.

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